We are Day of Defeat: Source commnunity, here are basic commands for server:
!nominate - nominate for map
!rtv - ask for change the map
!voteban - vote for ban to players
!votekick - vote for kick to players
!dmg - menu for showing damage
!hlx - menu for hlstatsx:ce

• (permanent) Cheating or any form of glitching
• (permanent) Impersonation Administrators
• (permanent) Nazi nickname or avatar
• (permanent) Any form of rasist or fascist behavior
• (1 week) Advertising other servers or web sites
• (1 week) Insulting or flame Administrators
• (1 day) Insulting other members
• (4 hrs) Sabotage (Team-Killng)

Kick (or Bans for 1 hrs or less):
• Spam chat
• Unbearable echoing in voice_chat
• Playing music or Singing in voice_chat
• Shooting in/out spawn area
• others Inappropriate actions (Admin decision)

If you have any questions, you can contact our admin team or visit our forum.

Thanks, your Admin team